LED Display, LED Gas Price Sign Manufacturer

LED displays are becoming increasingly popular in a number of applications of everyday life. To meet the ever increasing demands for LED products, Shenzhen Glare-LED has become a popular LED supplier for gas station LEDs, LED screens, LED light boxes, indoor LED displays, LED display modules, vehicle mounted LED displays, VMS LED displays, and LED lights. We are on the forefront of providing LED technology to our customers worldwide and have worked with companies such as Mobile, Shell, Petro China, Sinopec and other internationally known companies. With high quality and excellent customer service as our top priorities, we provide vital LED solutions, including digital LED signs, LED canopy lights, outdoor LED displays, stadium LED displays and LED message signs that meet and exceed customer expectations. Here at Glare-LED, we can provide you with customized LED displays to show off your company.

Main products
    1. LED Signs (LED Gas Price Sign)

      The LED signs can have their height adjusted, which allows them to be adapted to the surrounding environment and meet energy conservation and environmental protection needs.

    1. LED Display Module (Indoor SMD Full Color LED Module)

      The indoor SMD full color LED module uses a dynamic scanning technology, And it has a better cooling system to safely and stably display texts ...

    1. LED Display Screen (LED Display with Freestanding Cabinet)

      The LED display with freestanding cabinet can split the cabinet into multiple parts, supporting multi-line display. Our full color LED panel can ...

    1. Vehicle Mounted LED Display (Full Color LED Display)

      Vehicle mounted LED display can be used worldwide without any restrictions on distance or location, as long as the applicable vehicle is under the network signal's coverage.

    1. VMS LED Display (Variable Message Sign)

      VMS LED display can display a variety of graphics and text information to give notice to drivers, which saves drivers time and keeps traffic flowing smoothly.

    1. GPS Countdown Timer Display

      Digital LED display mastering the core technology of sensitive GPS satellite signal reception, we have optimized the PCB layout and routing, bringing a more stable signal and reception.

    1. LED Message Board

      Temperature Sensor: High accuracy temperature sensor, or customized
      Installation Method: Hanging ring, wall mounting or customized
      Working Environment: Indoor:-10℃-40℃; Outdoor:-20℃-60℃

    1. LED Canopy Light

      LED canopy light saves energy and is environmentally friendly. It also has a high brightness and a low light decay. The LED canopy lights are capable of detecting movement of cars, motors, pedestrians and others.