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LED Signs (LED Gas Price Sign)

Designed specifically for use in global gas station applications, the eco-friendly and energy saving LED sign displays eye-catching and clear signs for oil prices and works on remote control. With an extreme brightness LED lamps and incredibly sensitive sensors, these LED gas signs are designed with a special metal and have a great cooling effect.

With an IP65 waterproof design and the electromagnetic shielding box located in a cabinet, the gas station LED display prevents flickering or shaking of the screen. The LED signs are suitable for use in all outdoor gas stations.

Display Height Display Format Width Height Thickness Cabinet Display Screen
4 inch 8888 324mm 175mm 100mm * Materials: Iron or aluminum; the front cover is made of PC material
* Protection Class:
Outdoor: front: IP65, back: IP54; Semi-outdoor: IP54
* 7,000cd/m2
* Automatic light modulator
*120°/100° (horizontal/vertical)
6 inch 8888 506mm 228mm 55mm
8 inch 8.889 590mm 293mm 60mm
8888 632mm 293mm 60mm
8888 637mm 283mm 130mm
88888 774mm 293mm 60mm
10 inch 888 604mm 347mm 60mm
8889/10 704mm 347mm 60mm
8888 647mm 347mm 60mm
8888 784mm 347mm 60mm
88888 964mm 347mm 60mm
12 inch 888 724mm 400mm 60mm
8889/10 836mm 400mm 60mm
8888 788mm 400mm 60mm
8888 944mm 400mm 60mm
88888 1,164mm 400mm 60mm
16 inch 8.889/10 1,077mm 507mm 60mm
888.8 1,224mm 507mm 60mm
88.888 1,514mm 507mm 60mm
18 inch 8.88 1,054mm 560mm 60mm
8.889 1,219mm 560mm 60mm
88.88 1,383mm 560mm 60mm
20 inch 8.889/10 1,294mm 610mm 60mm
88.88 1,464mm 610mm 60mm
8.888 1,464mm 610mm 60mm
24 inch 8.88 1,344mm 710mm 60mm
88.88 1,771mm 710mm 60mm
8.888 1,564mm 710mm 60mm
8.889/10 2,080mm 710mm 60mm
32 inch 8.888 2,077mm 916mm 60mm
36 inch 8.889/10 2,290mm 1,000mm 130mm
48 inch 8.888 3,350mm 1,310mm 120mm
60 inch 88.8 3,078mm 1,624mm 130mm
Application Cases

Structural Features
1. Control System: The LED gas price sign's control system allows for easy and fast changes on the display screen.

2. Height Adjustment: The LED signs can have their height adjusted, which allows them to be adapted to the surrounding environment and meet energy conservation and environmental protection needs.
a. With a light sensitive probe, the outdoor LED panel has an automatic height adjustment according to the ambient environment.
b. The height is adjusted via a wireless remote control.
c. The height is also adjusted using computer software.

3. Multiple control modes: With multiple control methods, the LED signs are easy to operate and have a long control distance.
a. RF remote controller
b. LCD remote control
c. Wireless RF data transmission (200m)
d. Wireless WiFi control
e. When connected to a computer, the RS232 communication can have a maximum transmission distance of up to 15 meters. Connect computer software to the RS485 communication and the transmission distance is up to 1,200m.
f. The TCP/IP network control is achieved via LAN or remote computer control.
g. The IP can be provided to customers to develop as they see fit.

4. Optional brightness for outdoor displays/semi outdoor displays
5. Display Format: 8.88, 8.889, 8.888, 8.889/10
6. The ultra-thin cabinet design can meet specific customer requirements.
7. An impeccable and rational structural cabinet design makes installation easy.
8. Custom designed LED fuel price signs are available.
9. Different colors and sizes are available to choose from.
10. A fault indicator facilitates the troubleshooting.
11. The LED sign's display screen allows for a versatile publicity and easy adjustment.
12. High quality, and ultra-bright LED lamps make the display of gas prices eye catching, stable and reliable
13. The LED signs have passed CE, FCC, RoHS, UL and other international standards.

We have focused on researching and developing LED gas price signs for a number of years, and can guarantee our technicians are experienced and are making continuous forays into technological innovation, ensuring the product performance maintains its stable and reliable advanced level.

Our LED signs have been exported to more than 90 countries and have successfully won our customer's trust. The LED gas price signs manufactured by us occupy more than 30% of the market share in China and has occupied an industry leading position for a number of years. We aim to continue growing and providing our customers with the best LED screens as a global brand.

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