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Gas Station LED Display Screen (Pole Mount LED Signs)

This LED display screen, like most large LED screens at gas stations, is installed on a freestanding column. The pole mount LED sign can be used in relatively harsh outdoor environments, including areas of high and low temperatures, sunlight exposure, heavy wind, and heavy rain.

Technical Data of the Gas Station LED Display Screen
Items Technical Data
Pixel Pitch 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 31.25mm, etc.
Pixel Configuration RGB or RG
Viewing Angle Horizontal axis: 90°-120°, Vertical axis: 30°-60°
Working Temperature -40℃-85℃(for storage),-20℃-50℃(for working)
Thickness of Cabinet Simple Cabinet:110mm,180mm; General cabinet:200mm
Control Method Synchronous Control System
Video Frame Rate ≥60Hz
Refresh Rate ≥180Hz
Brightness Adjustment Adjusted by software (adjustable levels: 0-100)
Control System Windows OS: LED SHOW + DVI card
Working Voltage AC 110 or 220 V ±10%, 50-60 Hz
Working Temperature RF, S-Video, RGB, RGBHV, YUN, YC, COMPOSITION, etc.
Protection Class of Waterproof Performance Outdoor: IP65, Indoor: IP43
Average LED lifetime 100,000 hours
Items Cabinet size (mm) Resolution Weight Viewing Distance Avg. Power Max. Power Drive Mode Brightness
P10 1,280×960 128×96 dot 65Kg/m2 10m -100m 300-550W/ m2 ≤750W/ m2 1/4 Scan ≥8,000cd/ m2
P12 960×960 80×80 dot 55Kg/m2 12m -120m 300-500W/ m2 ≤700W/ m2 1/4 Scan ≥6,500cd/ m2
P16 1,024×768 64×48 dot 65Kg/m2 16m -130m 350-650W/ m2 ≤1,000W/ m2 Static constant ≥6,000cd/ m2
P20 1,280×960 64×48 dot 65Kg/m2 20m -160m 350-600W/ m2 ≤900W/ m2 Static constant ≥5,000cd/ m2
P25 1,200×1,200 48×48 dot 60Kg/m2 20m -200m 200-450W/ m2 ≤600W/ m2 Static constant ≥4,000cd/ m2
P31.25 1,000×1,000 24×24 dot 60Kg/m2 32m -250m 150-400W/ m2 ≤600W/ m2 Static constant ≥2,000cd/ m2

1. With years of experience to back us in the study of different outdoor environments, we developed the system design for our LED display screens. This significantly improved the adaptability and reliability of the advertising LED display, even in harsh environments.

2. These LED screens are configured with displays in 3 primary colors: red, green and blue, which respectively have 256 grayscales, and 16,777,216 possible colors. These LED display screens with a freestanding column can achieve displays of dynamic images with rich colors, high saturation, resolution, and frequency.

3. The high quality LED tubes on the LED screen features a high brightness, low light decay and an optimum horizontal viewing angle and vertical viewing angle.

4. With bright LED lamps, these LED display screens can achieve a high brightness display and maintain the clear display, even under direct sunlight.

5. We use non-linear calibration technology to allow a clearer image with a stronger layering sense.

6. The static scanning technology and modular design technique are used to enhance the LED display screen's reliability and stability.

7. The LED sign supports a variety of display modes and it is easy to operate. It is commonly used to use video playing software with it.

8. With an integrated cabinet design, the LED screen is easy to install, commission and maintain.

9. As it is dustproof and water proof, the LED display screen has a protection grade larger than IP65. With a triple water proof interior design, it comes with a high moisture resistance and corrosion resistance.

10. The screen brightness can be automatically adjust, according to external environments, and not cause any light pollution.

With incredibly bright LED lamps, the LED display screen has a great brightness display even at remote distances and can maintain a clear display even when sunlight is shining directly on it.

Application Range
These outdoor LED displays are widely used in advertising and information dissemination boards in gas stations, government areas, leisure squares, large entertainment plazas, commercial centers, parks, commercial streets, railway stations, airports and more.

Each of our outdoor LED signs are integrated with our independently designed modular cabinet, which prevents dust, is water resistant, has an excellent heat dissipation, great flat rate, easy installation and low maintenance.

The gas station LED panel achieves a stable and reliable, uninterrupted work, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Available specifications include: P10, P12, P14, P16, P18, P20, P22, P25 and P31.25. LED screens with special specifications can also be produced upon customer request.

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