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Gas Station LED Light Box (Advertising LED Light Boxes)

LED light boxes can be used as advertising LED screens in gas stations and other busy places, which effectively catches the attention of target consumers as they go about their daily lives. An advertising LED light box offers one of the most direct ways to give people first hand contact with your advertising and applies to a global marketing network.

Technical Data
Items Technical Data
Pixel Pitch 6mm
Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B/pixel
Color Depth 12 bit/color
LED type 3535,3 in1, SMD
Viewing Angle 120°(Horizontal)/ 120°(Vertical)
Brightness Approx. 5,000cd/m2
Screen Resolution 192 ×128 pixels
Working Method Synchronous with computer or asynchronous control
Dimming Control 32 levels-auto, 32-software
Scan Mode 1/8 Duty
Refresh Rate ≥400 Hz
Out-of-control Pixel ≤0.1‰
Display Area H:1,152mm× W:768mm
Cabinet Size H:1,850mm× W:930mm× D:330mm
Cabinet Material & Surface Color Powder coated steel with front cover
Protection Class of Waterproof Performance Front: IP65, rear: IP54
Working Voltage AC 110V or 220V, 50-60Hz
Led Lifespan 100,000hours
Working Environment -20-60℃, 10% to 95%RH
Model No. Connection Method Communication
PC Software Cabinet Material
& Structure
Cabinet Color
192×1281R1G1B-6.0-GL-0 LAN 10m(default) Synchronous
or asynchronous
control system
Powder coated
double-layer cold
rolled steel cabinet
with front cover
Light grey is a default for better heat dissipation; black is optional
192×128-1R1G1B-6.0-GL-1 Wireless Router Approx.100m
192×128-1R1G1B-6.0-GL-2 Wireless AP Approx.500m
192×128-1R1G1B-6.0-GL-3 3G Router No limitation
Optional Accessories: Standing Base - - - Steel

These all-weather outdoor LED displays have large viewing angles, a high brightness, a clear display, and a consistent signal output. It can play videos, images, animations and texts. When combined with a static or dynamic display, the advertising LED screen is eye-catching and will gain ads more attention.

The LED light box also helps maximize the value of advertising media, as it reaches one of the largest sources of potential customers and draw in businesses. These cost effective gas station LED panels can provide a new and high level platform for your outdoor advertising.

1. The LED light box has a larger viewing angle, with both the horizontal and viewing angle at 120°. These advertising LED screens can achieve an original and vivid display effect without color excursion or image distortion in the scope.

2. With a brightness of 5,000cd/m2, the LED sign has a high brightness display, even if it is installed in different environments.

3. With advanced technology, the LED light box has a color depth of 12 bit and can generate a more natural color display.

4. These LEDs are energy saving and eco-friendly. They require very little maintenance, and support multiple connection models, such as 3G, WiFi, and TCP/IP.

5. Instead of a display problem that arises with the use of a mosaic, our LED light boxes have a refresh rate at 400Hz, great illumination uniformity, a reliable and natural color transition, and a stable and excellent consistency of the signal output.

6. The advertising LED screen has a two sided structure, the front is made of transparent PC glass that is easy to disassemble and clean.

7. With a double layer cabinet, the LED light box has a great heat insulation. The outside layer offers a high IP protection class to protect the inside cabinet from direct sunlight.

Application Scope
These LED light boxes are not only used in gas stations, but they are useful in commercial advertising, public information, traffic information, roadside announcements and hotel signs.

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