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Gas Station LED Digital Signage(Time and Temp LED Sign)

LED digital signage is capable of attracting consumer attention while still providing beneficial information to the community. This time and temperature LED sign is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
In an effort to minimize your maintenance fees and energy costs, we provide our customers with a great value by offering an LED digital clock with a high performance to price ratio.

Technical Data of the LED Digital Signage
Items Technical Parameters
Color Red, yellow, green, blue, white, etc.
Display Height 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 16", 18", 20", 24", 27", 32", 36", 40", 48", 60", 72", etc.
Brightness Control Automatically adjusted or remote controlled by brightness sensor
Brightness Adjustment 8 levels automatic brightness adjustments
Viewing Angle Indoor: Horizontal:120°; Vertical:100° or Customized
Maintenance Mode Front maintenance, back maintenance or customized
Main Screen/Sub-Screen One/two/ three/ four dimension(s); controlled by one controller card
Cabinet Material Iron or Aluminum
Front Cover LED digital signage with the size of 32" and above do not use front cover; Digital LED sign with other sizes all use front covers made of organic glass
Protection Class of Waterproof Performance Front:IP65; back: IP54
Temperature Sensor Temperature sensor can be applied to ambient temperature measurement in specific occasions.
LED Drive Mode Constant current
Input Power 110/220VAC, 60Hz/50Hz
Control Mode RF Remote Control, IR Remote Control, RS232, RS485, TCP/IP, WiFi
Control Distance RF: 100-150m, IR: 8-10m
Continuous Working Hours No limitation
LED Lamp Lifespan >100,000 Hours
Installation Method Hanging ring, wall mounting or customized
Working Environment Indoor:-10℃-40℃; Outdoor:-20℃-60℃; Humidity: 15%-95%RH
Display Format 88: 88, 88:88:88 or customized
GPS Optional
Display Height Cabinet Material Cabinet Size Protection Class of Waterproof Performance Brightness Viewing Angle
6 Inch Iron cabinet
Front cover
Back maintenance
729×228×100 Front:IP65;
Back: IP54
Unit: 4,000 cd/m2; with no front cover
Manual brightness adjustment
Brightness sensor (optional) can achieve an automatic brightness adjustment
Horizontal:120°; Vertical:100°
8 Inch 774×294×100
10 Inch 1,144×347×100
12 Inch 1,384×400×100
16 Inch 1,122×507×100
20 Inch 1,339×610×100
24 Inch 1,339×610×100
27 Inch 1,939×788×100
32 Inch 2,287×917×100

1. We provide LED digital signage with an aluminum frame, which is suitable for indoor and semi-outdoor applications, including digital LED signs with iron cabinets and back pullout, which is made of cold-rolled steel sheets and has a fully sealed waterproof design, making it ideal for outdoor use.

2. The outdoor LED sign uses lamp chips that have a stable performance, a high brightness display and a wide viewing angle, allowing it to sustain a clear viewing angle, even under direct sunlight.

3. The appearance, size and color of the LED digital signage can be customized.

4. The LED temperature display has a temperature sensor to collect data and provide a stable and reliable measurement.

5. With an intelligent brightness adjustment, the time and temperature LED sign can easily have its brightness display adjusted.

6. The LED digital signage has 225 LAN and WAN communications, and there are two 8 button remote controls to be chosen from.

Application Scope
These digital LED signs are widely used to display media advertising, entertainment announcements, equipment statuses, transportation information, and more in public places such as bulletin boards and gas stations.

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