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Indoor LED Sign (Mono / Tri-Color LED Message Sign and Board)

With a smooth surface, a uniform structure, and a high brightness, this indoor LED display is great for presenting a variety of graphics, text and other information. In addition to a wide viewing angle and a long service life, the single and double color LED displays are light weight and have a modular structure, making installation and maintenance easier.

With the remote serial communication, the indoor LED display can achieve offline operation and function in a power off protection mode. The single and double color LED display both use highly bright LED lamps, and are assembled with imported components and parts. The LED display screen is installed with a dozen ways to cycle image changes and can achieve clear and stable display effects.

Specifications ¢3.75 Mono color ¢3.75 Tri color ¢5 Mono color ¢5 Tri color
Pixel Pitch (mm) 4.75 7.62
Pixel Configuration 1R 1R+1G 1R 1R+1G
Module Size (mm) 304×152 488×244
Resolution (Pixels) 64×32 64×32
Pixel Density 44321/m2 17222/m2
Drive Mode Constant current 1/16 scan Constant current 1/16 scan
Max. Power Consumption (W/m2) 800 1200 600 800
Avg. Power Consumption (W/m2) 300 400 200 300
Viewing Distance 5-50m
Viewing Angle 120°/60°
Working Temperature -20℃-+60℃
Working Humidity 35%-90%RH
Working Voltage 220V
Drive Device Dedicated LED drive device
Refresh Rate 120Hz
Frame Rate 60Hz
Grayscale 256
Control Mode Synchronous or asynchronous control
Brightness Adjustment Adjusted by software or manual adjustment (adjustable levels:0-8);
Lifespan 100,000 hours
Mean Free Error Time ≥5,000 hours
Lamp Failure Frequency < 0.0001
Flatness Any adjacent pixel ≤0.5mm; no module splicing gap
Uniformity High pixel density, uniform brightness
Power Supply 5V/40A
Computer Display Mode 800×600/1,024×768 or higher
Software Universal video player
Certifications CE, FCC, RoHS, etc.

1. The indoor LED display consists of two primary colors: red and green. Respectively, they each of 65,536 colors and 256 grayscales, enabling the screen to display fast, dynamic images with abundant colors, high saturation and high resolution.

2. With high quality LED components, the LED advertising panel has a high brightness, brilliant colors, high definition, and high stability. It can also achieve a clear display even at long distances.

3. Abundant display effects include left and right movements, up and down bouncing, left and right pulling curtains, zooming in and out of the center, flashes and more.

4. The indoor LED display can display time, and the switching time can be set.

5. The single/double color LED displays can support multiple texts in a variety of languages, including traditional and simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and Arabic. It can also display numbers, symbols, time, temperature, animations and other information.

6. With a safe, low voltage of DC 5V, a low heating efficiency, low power consumption and a service life up to 100,000 hours, the LED sign can display advertising and other information, uninterrupted, for 24 hours a day.
Non-linear calibration technology is applied to capacitate the indoor LED display, giving it a clearer image display, and a stronger layering sense.

7. Distributed scanning technology and modular design techniques enhance the indoor LED display's reliability and stability.

8. Unique processing technology allows the indoor LED display to be flat and maintain brightness consistency, considerably reducing mosaic problems.

9. The LED screen uses universal video player software and is easy to operate.

The indoor LED display can be used in shopping malls, stores, hotels, restaurants, gyms, banks, post offices, telecommunication departments, institutions, schools, factories, military bases, hospitals and other indoor locations.

The single and double color LED displays are ideal guidance systems for transportation industries, including railways, airports, harbors, and more. They can become platforms for commercial advertising and information distribution.

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