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Vehicle Mounted LED Display (Full Color LED Display)

Our vehicle mounted LED displays also include a full color LED display. As another platform for electronic media advertising, this outdoor LED panel has an elegant and stylish appearance.

It is applicable for terminal carriers such as taxis, buses and coaches. The vehicle mounted LED has become a successful and popular information medium integrated with networking, intelligence and digitization.

As it is involved with outdoor applications, electronic technology, flexible mobility, a wireless network and graphic media, the advertising LED screen is an innovative platform for effective outdoor advertising.

Items Technical Parameters
Pixel Pitch 3mm, 4mm, 5mm ,6mm
Color Display Full color
Control Mode Glare-LED proprietary multi-line system
Viewing Angle 120°/60° (H/V)
Connection Methods Rs232, Wireless RF, GSM, GPRS, USB, TCP/IP,3G, etc.
Storage Capacity 16k bytes for text, 24k bytes for graphics, max. 250 text files and 250 graphic files.
Cabinet Material Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Customized
Working Temperature -20℃ to +65℃
Working Humidity 15%-95% RH
Power Input DC: 9-36V
Average LED Lifespan 100,000 hours
Project Cases

1. 3G Networking Publishing Platform

The full color LED display supports communication on wireless platforms, which ensures the users can supervise and monitor system operation in real time. Wireless communication also guarantees real-time information dissemination and easy updating.

2. Real-Time Information Dissemination
The wireless LED message sign can receive information issues from the information center at any time. It can send information with no constraints on time or space.

3. No Distance Limitations
A traditional electronic display can only be used in short distances, generally around 10m. However, the vehicle mounted LED display can be used worldwide without any restrictions on distance or location, as long as the applicable vehicle is under the network signal's coverage.

Our vehicle mounted LED display has an emergency information broadcast mechanism, which can be used by relevant governmental administrative departments to publish government affairs, fire alarms and other real time information. The full color LED video screen is able to display important information on every street corner, achieving quick and efficient notifications and publicity.

4. Rich and Colorful Display Content
This brand new full color LED display can be mounted onto the roofs of vehicles. It supports display formats, including flashes, GIFs. Images, videos and texts. The vehicle mounted LED display can be used to present not only commercial advertising, but it can also broadcast forecasts, alerts, headline news and other information closely related to city life, helping audiences dependence on information displays and effectively keeping advertising media's vitality.

5. Cross-Platform Control
The mobile LED display supports a number of terminal controllers, including mobile phones, tablets, PCs, computers and more. The vehicle mounted LED display's browser/server structure eliminates the need to install software, as there are built in materials that customers can choose from on the server side.

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