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Vehicle Mounted LED Display

Advertising LED Sign /
Vehicle Mounted LED Display

The vehicle mounted LED display uses our own Glare-LED proprietary power supply, a controller card and custom LED unit board. The variable message sign can be installed on vehicles, and can clearly and effectively display advertising and information in text format, images, animations, or videos.

As a high performance mobile LED display that is independent from the rapidly developed LED display system, our vehicle mounted LED display has a higher stability and better anti-jamming, and a dustproof performance when compared to other over-door LED screens or fixed LED displays.

The variable message sign can be regarded as an extended information medium for advertising media. It can be used in outdoor information bulletins, image advertising, event advertising, mobile stage backgrounds, and live broadcast events for sports or score listing.

We offer high quality and cost effective vehicle mounted LED displays that are great for automobiles, ships, taxis and other vehicles. In order to cater to an increasing consumer base and their requirements and improving living standards, we also provide a more diverse, effective and flexible LED display software to mobile media to meet a wider range of applications.

Items Technical Parameters
Pixel Pitch 6mm,7.62mm,10mm,
Color Display Full color, Amber,
Control Mode Glare-LED proprietary multi-line system
Viewing Angle 100°/50° (H/V)
Connection Methods Rs232, Wireless RF, GSM, GPRS, USB, TCP/IP,3G,
Storage Capacity 16k bytes for text, 24k bytes for graphics, max. 250 text files and 250 graphic files.
Cabinet Material Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Customized
Working Temperature -20℃ to +65℃
Working Humidity 15%-95% RH
Power Input DC: 9-36V
Average LED Lifespan 100,000 hours

1. As it is ideal for mobile media, the outdoor LED screen is capable of achieving powerful communication, wider coverage of audiences and better advertising effects. When compared to other LED displays, this variable message sign is always in motion. It allows the advertising and information to be seen on roadways as it is mounted on a mobile source, rather than a fixed sight.

2. The vehicle mounted LED display has a high brightness. It uses high brightness LED lamps and has a clear picture display even when seen under direct sunlight or at long distances.

3. This advertising LED display can be easily operated using a computer, remote control or cell phone. The information display can also be easily changed.

4. In addition to a modular design, a reliable performance, and easy maintenance, this vehicle mounted LED display has a separated display screen, controller and power formed modules on their own, generating a higher stability and stable display effect. With an advanced and rational system design, the cost effective variable message sign is easy to install and maintain.

5. The vehicle mounted LED display has a great adaptability and can achieve a clear display even under bad weather conditions. Our variable message sign has a high price to performance ratio, and features excellent integrality, lightening protection, and water resistance.

6. The display effects of the full color LED panel include left and right movements, up and down bouncing, left and right sliding, zooming in and out from the center, flashes, emphasis, and other transition effects.

7. Transmission methods include cable transmission, infrared remote control, GSM wireless transmission, and GPRS wireless transmission.

8. The vehicle mounted LED display's programs can be edited and played via software. Text, graphics, images and other information can be added, delete d and modified just by using the mouse. The arrangement contents are stored in the controller card, and information is automatically and cyclically displayed according to the schedule.

Application Cases

Vehicle Mounted LED Display for Mobile Advertising

Our truck mounted LED screen can be extensively used in lecture tours, large evening parties, performance tours, and mobile advertisements. With a large screen, high definition, high-quality speaker and brilliant lighting effects, our variable message signscan effectively enhance the on-site atmosphere and are ideal for flexible commercial activities.

Vehicle Mounted LED Display for Guidance Cars

With a high brightness and long-distance visual effects, the vehicle mounted LED display is great for guidance cars in airports and highways. With a high-brightness screen, it can clearly display guiding information for aircrafts and vehicles, allowing them to operate safely and correctly.

Vehicle Mounted LED Display for Police cars

Applicable to some special vehicles, such as police cars, our vehicle mounted VMS features eye-catching prompts with high-impact visual effects, reminding people of safety. It breaks the traditional services of a fixed location and can serve the public well.

Vehicle Mounted LED Display for Taxi

Mainly installed on the roof or back window of taxi cabs, the variable message sign can be used to present information for advertising and cultural publicity. It can achieve a clear and eye-catching picture display to effectively enhance the advertising effect.

Vehicle Mounted LED Displayfor Bus

This high-resolution LED message sign can be mounted in buses to show the timetables and destinations and inform passengers of time and temperature inside the buses. Moreover, it can be used to publicize information about safe and correct bus riding procedures and alert drivers to theft and security as well.

Vehicle Mounted LED Displayfor Train

Equipped with a high brightness and high definition, this variable message sign can be mounted on the train's front, side or rear to clearly and prominently display the station name, publicize train rules and safety precautions.