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VMS LED Display (Variable Message Sign)

We have specially designed the VMS LED display for traffic guidance. The variable message sign is one of the most important information distribution tools in a working transportation system. The LED traffic sign supports remote control via a central computer in the monitoring system.
Our VMS LED display can display a variety of graphics and text information to give notice to drivers about road conditions and directions, which saves drivers time and keeps traffic flowing smoothly. This LED road sign is great for long term applications in a variety of harsh outdoor environments.

Items Technical Parameters
Pixel Pitch 31.25mm
Module Size 250mm×250mm
Module Pixel 8×8
Pixels Density 1,024 pixels/m2
Pixel Form( Optional) 4 Amber LEDs
Optimum Viewing Distance 44m
Wavelength (Red) F625+/-5nm
Cabinet Size 1,000mm×1,000mmor Customized
Resolution 32×32 or Customized
Cabinet Weight 65Kg
Drive Mode Constant current static
Max. Power Consumption 200W/m2
Pixel Type (Optional) Real Pixel
Refresh Rate 480Hz
Horizontal Viewing Angle >30°
Working Environment Temp:-20℃ - +60℃ Humidity: 10%-90%
Working Voltage AC100-120V/AC 220-240V
Lifespan 100,000 hours
Grayscale 8 bit amber
Brightness ≤7,000 cd/m2
Lamp Failure Frequency <0.00001
Protection Class of Waterproof Performance IP65
Application Cases

1. The VMS LED display's outdoor display parts are colorful and have a high brightness, which can generate a clear display under direct sunlight.
2. With a high refresh rate and an abundant grayscale, the variable message sign can achieve a more realistic and clear display.
3. We use a display unit formed with a display module, which can be split into different sizes, depending on different applications and requirements.
4. The outdoor LED screen's available modules are 3 different types: a full color module with 3 primary colors, a double color module and an amber module. Each has a building block structure for easy installation and maintenance.
5. As it is installed with a reliable microcontroller, the VMS display has a wide temperature range and great anti-jamming capabilities.
6. It is also equipped with lightning protection, protecting the advertising LED panel from direct and inductive lightning.
7. The VMS LED display's brightness can be adjusted according to different environmental needs and time. The adjustable range is anywhere fore 0-100%.
8. The fault tolerant power supply is optional, and it can ensure the normal operation of the LED message sign's system in the event of power failure.
9. Equipped with a versatile controller card, the VMS LED display can stabilize the timing using software or a manual switch at any time, and it an also operate unattended.
10. The advertising content can be managed and changed via remote control. The variable message sign can also achieve an all-weather display of different advertisements.

The VMS display can be widely used to demonstrate advertising and information on highways, urban roads, main truck routes, and areas with complicated road networks, including airports, terminals, docks, and railways stations.

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