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GPS Countdown Timer Display

We provide highly accurate digital LED displays, including a GPS countdown timer display. It is a high-performance, high precision time display device. Scientifically designed and manufactured, the digital LED display can receive standard time signals from the GPS satellites and clearly display them on screen. The LED timer display can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Our digital LED display uses industrial grade, high-precision, built in GPS timing modules that uses the world’s leading GPS chip (U-Blox NEQ-6Mas) as the core chip. Mastering the core technology of sensitive GPS satellite signal reception, we have optimized the PCB layout and routing, bringing a more stable signal and reception and faster positioning. Under environmental protection premises, the highly sensitive LED countdown clock can achieve a normal and accurate GPS signal reception if placed near an indoor window.

Items Technical Parameters
Color Red, yellow, green, blue, white, etc.
Display Height 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 16", 18",20",24",27",32", 36", 40", 48", 60", 72", etc.
Digital Setting 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 16",18",20",24",27",32" standard digitals
Brightness Control Automatically adjusted or remotely controlled by brightness sensor
Screen Brightness Adjustment Automatic adjustment: >8 levels
Viewing Angle Indoor: Horizontal:120°; Vertical: 100°; Outdoor: Horizontal:120°; Vertical: 100°; or customized
Maintenance Back maintenance or customized
Main Screen/ Sub-Screen One / Two/ Three/ Four Side(s); controlled by one controller card; work together or customized
Cabinet Materials Metal plate steel, aluminum
Front Cover Digital LED displays with the size no less than 32" have no front covers; other digital LED displays have organic glasses made front covers.
Protection Class Outdoor 4"-32": IP54;
Outdoor: 32"-72": Front: IP65, Back: IP54
Temperature Sensor High accuracy temperature sensor, or customized
LED Drive Mode Constant current
Power Input 110/220VAC, 60Hz/50Hz
Computer Communications RS232
Communication Distance 8m
Remote Control Type Remote control distance: 300 inch or100m, RF remote controller
Continuous Working Time No restrictions
LED Lifespan >100,000 hours
Installation Method Hanging ring, wall mounting or customized
Working Environment Indoor:-10℃-40℃; Outdoor:-20℃-60℃; Humidity: 15%-95%RH
Display Format 88:88 or 88:88:88 88:88 or 88:88:88
Project Cases

The Japanese Seiko 3V rechargeable battery is used as the LED digital display’s GPS backup battery, assisting the current ephemeris once the LED digital signage has a power failure. A single second GPS timing can be achieved with a restart within two hours.

Application Range
The GPS countdown timer display is used in sports stadiums, examination rooms, meeting places, schools, factories, social squares, airports, railway stations, parks, and other indoor and outdoor venues.

Parameters of GPS Timing Module
Receiver type: 50 reception channels
GPS L1 frequency, C / A code
Start time: Cold start 29 sec. / Hot start <1 sec. / Auxiliary start <1 sec.
Time to first fix: <1 sec
Maximum update rate: <4Hz
Sensitivity: Cold start -144dBm
Tracking sensitivity -160dBm
Acquisition sensitivity -160dBm
Positioning accuracy: Auto <2.5m/ SBAS <2m
Timing accuracy: RMS30ns 99% <60ns
Limiting speed:500m/s
Operating temperature:-40℃-85℃

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