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LED Message Board

The LED message board provides even more flexibility for your information display system. This LED message center is capable of meeting requirements for detailed display and multi-tasking. With professional features, the LED message board enables you to develop eye catching images to attract customers, effectively promoting your business.

Items Technical Parameters
Color Red, yellow, green, blue, white, etc.
Display Height 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 16", 18",20",24",27",32", 36", 40", 48", 60", 72", etc.
Digital Setting 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 16",18",20",24",27",32" standard digitals
Brightness Control Automatically adjusted or remotely controlled by brightness sensor
Screen Brightness Adjustment Automatic adjustment: >8 levels
Viewing Angle Indoor: Horizontal:120°; Vertical: 100°; Outdoor: Horizontal:120°; Vertical: 100°; or customized
Maintenance Back maintenance or customized
Main Screen/ Sub-Screen One / Two/ Three/ Four Side(s); controlled by one controller card; work together or customized
Cabinet Materials Metal plate steel, aluminum
Front Cover Digital LED displays with the size no less than 32" have no front covers; other digital LED displays have organic glasses made front covers.
Protection Class Outdoor 4"-32": IP54;
Outdoor: 32"-72": Front: IP65, Back: IP54
Temperature Sensor High accuracy temperature sensor, or customized
LED Drive Mode Constant current
Power Input 110/220VAC, 60Hz/50Hz
Computer Communications RS232
Communication Distance 8m
Remote Control Type Remote control distance: 300 inch or100m, RF remote controller
Continuous Working Time No restrictions
LED Lifespan >100,000 hours
Installation Method Hanging ring, wall mounting or customized
Working Environment Indoor:-10℃-40℃; Outdoor:-20℃-60℃; Humidity: 15%-95%RH
Display Format 88:88 or 88:88:88 88:88 or 88:88:88

Today, quick and effective communication is important. To do this, the right LED display sign using the correct technology is the most needed. If you are looking for an LED screen to get your messages across in a bold and eye-catching method, our LED message board is an excellent choice.

We provide a wide range of product selections that are suitable for offices, retail, industrial use and more.

1. This LED message board can display text in English and other international languages and graphic symbols. 9 fonts are available, and each can be configured in regular, bold and wide forms. There are 67 other European characters available too.

2. There are 41 methods to display your message, including a cycle, scrolling up, zooming in and out from the center, and right and left sliding.

3. Our LED message board has a built in timer and real-time clock. The timer can be powered on or off display, and the clock has 4 time formats, and 5 date formats. We also provide customized time and date formats.

4. The storage capacity of this LED message board is 16k bytes for text, 9k bytes for graphics, and can hold a maximum of 250 text files and 250 graphic files.

5. There are 100 programmable speeds for the screen display, at 8 interval speeds, ranging from 0 to 60 seconds.

6. The outdoor LED sign possesses countdown/up functions, and the ability to display real time temperatures is optional.

7. With the capability to provide a segmented display, the LED message board allows spate control on different parts of the display screen.

8. With a built in scheduler for up to 30 tasks, the LED message board can sequence multiple messages.

9. With 3 priority settings, the message display sign is capable of scheduling either weekly, monthly or annually.

10. Up to 255 LED units on the LED message board can achieve RS422 communication via a network. Its software interface can be managed in multiple languages.

11. The LED message display has low power consumption and its brightness can be automatically adjusted. It can be flexibly installed on the desk, mounted on the wall, or suspended from a drop ceiling.

The LED message board has been widely used to display advertisements, entertainment, equipment status, transportation messages, and public information.

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