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LED Canopy Light

1. The canopy lights are all in compliance with CE and RoHS certification, are safe and reliable and have an IP65 protection class.
2. Special optics design and a high-tech intelligent lighting control are used in the LED gas station light. As it is easy to use, the LED canopy light can effectively replace traditional lights.
3. Using original CREE LEDs, our LED canopy light saves energy and is environmentally friendly. It also has a high brightness and a low light decay. The high-quality LED lamp's good performance and safe working current both ensure the LED canopy light's long service life.
4. The LED canopy light saves energy, using 120W LED high bay lights instead of 400W HPS lights, which can save up to 70% in electricity.
5. With intelligent dimming functions, the LED canopy lights are capable of detecting movement of cars, motors, pedestrians and others, and can switch instantly from dim to full power. It can indicate customer arrivals and provide a great visual environment with a full lighting at any moment.

Parameters of the LED Canopy Light
Items Parameters
Driver Brand Taiwan Mean Well
Input Voltage AC90-295V
Frequency 50-60Hz
Beam Angle 100°
Color Temperature 5,000K
CRI 80
PF ≥ 0.95
Motion Detector Optional
Operating Temperature -20℃-40℃
Storage Temperature -40℃-85℃
Protection Class of Waterproof Performance IP65
Lifespan 50,000 hours
Parameters of LED Lamp
Brand Name Rated Current Working Current
CREE (USA) 1,500mA 600mA

After the customer leaves, the LED canopy light will automatically and smoothly switch back to reduced power. The LED light effectively saves energy by doing so, and still provides adequate lighting for safety and guidance.

The LED canopy light is used in gas stations, carwashes, warehouses, plants, highway toll booths, pavilions, and public transportation systems.

Our LED canopy light uses Taiwan Mean Well's power supply, with a driver that meets international standards. The power supply has a power factor of 0.95 and its protection functions include short circuiting, overload, overvoltage and overheating.

With a built in current limiting circuit, the power supply in these industrial LED lighting products has an adjustable output voltage and current. The built in active power factor correction function also ensures the power efficiency of the power supply.

Items Parameters
Driver Brand Taiwan Mean Well
Input Voltage AC90-295V
Frequency 50-60Hz
Power 120W
Power Supply Efficiency 0.9
Power Factor 1
Working Temperature (-30-70) centigrade
Safety Standard UL,TUV,PSE
  • Light Distribution
  • LUX Meter

Diagram about Light Decay of 6,000 Hours' Continuous Lighting

Maintenance Instructions
1. Make sure the LED canopy light is powered off before maintenance.
2. Keep the lens clean to ensure a good light transmission.
3. Regular upkeep to the housing and power supply can guarantee the proper heat dissipation.
4. Please clean the LED low bay light with a dry cloth instead of water or highly corrosive solutions.

Installation Instructions
1. Drill 4 c8 holes with a 45 mm depth on the ceiling.
2. Insert expansion screws into the drilled holes.
3. Use nuts to fasten the light to the wall.
4. The LED light should be stored at normal temperatures and can't be used in fire regulation violations.
5. Avoid electric leakage by keeping wire connections tightly sealed.
6. Waterproof measures should be used and a professional electrician should do the installing.
7. The connection for the three core cable: red is the wire, blue is the null line, and yellow is the ground wire.
8. Input voltage: AC90-295V, 50-60Hz. Do not exceed the rated voltage and frequency.
9. Carefully move the LED canopy light during delivery and storage processes.

Project Cases
  • Gas Station Light
  • Warehouse Light
  • Walkway Light
  • Tunnel light
  • The parking light
  • The stadium light
  • Building external wall lamp
  • Harbor light
  • Airports light
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