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Advertising LED Display Solution

The LED industry has become increasingly popular and LED display has become more advanced in response. With colorful and vivid images, our LED displays can impact the public using the auditory and visual senses.

When compared to traditional static advertising, Glare's mobile LED display is ready to be played at any time or place with a higher luminosity and resolution. This means these advertising LED displays can effectively attract consumer attention.

1. Automatic Brightness Adjustment

With a sensitive control system, the LED display can automatically adjust the display brightness based on the changes in light intensity indoors and outdoors. This energy saving and environmentally friendly LED display screen can easily reduce your operating costs.

2. High Refresh and High Grayscale
With a high refresh rate, and high grayscale, the LED screen can demonstrate a more realistic and appealing image to meet different requirements in commercial advertising.

3. Dual-Cable Hot Backup
With a dual-cable hot backup function, these advertising LED displays can be simultaneously controlled using two computers. If one computer isn't working, the second can automatically take over the task, ensuring normal operations.

4. High-speed Fiber-Optic Transmission
Equipped with a high-speed, fiber-optic transmission system, our LED display can effectively minimize signal displays caused by long-distance transmissions, ensuring the consistency of the presentation on the LED screen.

5. Remote Control
All display information can be controlled by a remote network. A simple mouse click can easily change the information on the LED display screen, achieving a network clustering of advertising displays in cities and other regions.

6. Network Regulation
These advertising LED displays support network regulations and are compatible with WiFi, broadband, 3G network and others. This enables operators to be able to control several LED displays in multiple locations at one and change the displayed content at any time.

7. Condition Monitoring System
Installed with a condition monitoring system, the LED display can let you know its exact operating condition at any time and place.

8. Timer Switch Display
The LED display is equipped with a multi-function card and can achieve software controlled timing and a manual switch at any time. Unattended operation Is also available.

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