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Gas Station LED Display Solution

We are a global supplier and leader when it comes to providing systematic gas station LED application solutions. Our LED display products used in gas stations are applicable for LED gas pricing signs, large LED display screens, LED canopy lights, time and temperature LED signs, LED displays with freestanding columns, and LED displays with freestanding cabinets.

LED Gas Price Signs

The LED gas price sign is specifically designed for use in global gas stations. They can achieve remote control to display eye-catching and clear signs for oil and gas prices. These environmentally friendly and energy saving LED gas price signs have high luminosity LED lamps and highly sensitive sensors.

With a special metal design, the LED gas price signs have a great cooling effect. With an IP65 waterproof design and the electromagnetic interface shielding box located in the cabinet, the LED gas price signs can effectively prevent screen flickering and shaking.

Large LED Display Screens
We specifically provide new, large outdoor LED display screens for gas stations worldwide. In addition to traditional media in airports such as digital frames, large screen digital TVs, and digital TV screens on planes, gas station media has become another popular advertising area.

By their nature, gas stations see large numbers of people passing through every day, including car owners that will generally have a stable income. Because of this, they have become one of the best places for advertisers to target their ads. That leads to the use of our large LED display screen for promoting your business.

LED Canopy Lights
In response to the global energy conservation movement, we provide energy saving LED canopy lights that are resistant to explosions, corrosion and water. They can operate on a 24 hour continuous cycle, helping save operational costs.

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