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Glare-LED can provide various LED display solutions for you to make shows on a vehicle, at outdoor stadium, at gas station, through billboards, traffic signs, etc. Our LED display can be designed, manufactured and mounted as required. Some of our  partner examples are shown below for your reference:

  • Vehicle Mounted LED Display

    As an extension for advertising media, vehicle mounted LED displays have become a mobile medium applicable for outdoor bulletins, image advertising, event advertising, mobile stage backgrounds, informational media, commercial promotion, traffic guidance, and promotional activities sponsored by the government, institutions, community groups and schools.

    With an increase in customer demands and a higher living standard, mobile media LED display solutions have become more diverse. With effectiveness, flexibility, and other characteristics, our vehicle mounted LED displays have a large array of applications.

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  • Advertising LED Display

    The LED industry has become increasingly popular and LED display has become more advanced in response. With colorful and vivid images, our LED displays can impact the public using the auditory and visual senses.

    When compared to traditional static advertising, Glare's mobile LED display is ready to be played at any time or place with a higher luminosity and resolution. This means these advertising LED displays can effectively attract consumer attention.

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  • Outdoor Stadium LED Display

  • With the continuing development and improvement of LED display technology, our outdoor LED display has an upgraded performance and has become a great asset in modern stadiums.

    These sports LED displays have an excellent ventilation system and can withstand rain and other moisture. They also have a stable power supply and high refresh rate to prevent screen flickering.

    1. Automatic Backup System

    Two computers can be used to simultaneously control the LED screen and ensure the display of images and videos is continuous and uninterrupted. If one computer shuts down due to technical problems, the second computer will become an automatic backup solution.

    2. All-Weather Protective Design
    These stadium LED display has an IP65 protection class and its cabinet can offer both ventilation and protection against rain and other moisture.

    3. High Refresh Rate
    With a high refresh rate, the advertising LED panel can present video images and real-time videos with no screen flickering.

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  • VMS LED Display

  • Features
    1. The screen design has taken the full range of uses into consideration. With a high industrial grade standard and a high brightness at more than 7,000nit, the LED road signs are able to provide valuable traffic information even under poor visibility conditions.
    2. With a built-in wireless data transmission module, the LED screen used in transportation can achieve GPRS/3G remote and real-time dissemination of information and data.
    3. The LED traffic signs are equipped with intelligent control systems and can automatically process and publish traffic information. With automatic brightness control, automatic temperature and humidity adjustments, automatic monitoring, and automatic alarms on the operation status, the LED display has an excellent, unattended safe operation.
    4. Installed with a built-in lightning protection device, the LED road sign will not be damaged if struck by lightning.
    5. With a light-sensitive control system, the variable message sign can automatically adjust the screen brightness according to changing light rays in the surrounding environment, consequently reducing the operation costs.
    6. The VMS LED display has an IP65 protection class and its cabinet can ventilate and protect against harsh weather, which enables the display screen to have a normal and continuous operation, even in bad weather.
    7. We use a miniature computer also known as the industrial personal computer (IPC) and a high temperature, fan less aluminum alloy embedded system, which is specially designed for large scale LED display devices. The can achieve a more efficient on-site control on the display screen.
    8. The automatic monitoring system of the variable message sign regards the PLC as an intelligent control unit and monitors the external environment and real-time control on abnormal situations together with the monitoring sensor. The remote control can also be achieved with the assistance of an electronic computer.
    9. In addition to the high brightness and industrial grade standards, our LED traffic signs has a cabinet with a double rear door structure, and an IP protection class no less than 67 in the front and 65 in the back.

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  • Gas Station LED Display

  • The LED gas price sign is specifically designed for use in global gas stations. They can achieve remote control to display eye-catching and clear signs for oil and gas prices. These environmentally friendly and energy saving LED gas price signs have high luminosity LED lamps and highly sensitive sensors.

    With a special metal design, the LED gas price signs have a great cooling effect. With an IP65 waterproof design and the electromagnetic interface shielding box located in the cabinet, the LED gas price signs can effectively prevent screen flickering and shaking.

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