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Outdoor Stadium LED Display Solution

With the continuing development and improvement of LED display technology, our outdoor LED display has an upgraded performance and has become a great asset in modern stadiums.

These sports LED displays have an excellent ventilation system and can withstand rain and other moisture. They also have a stable power supply and high refresh rate to prevent screen flickering.

1. Automatic Backup System

Two computers can be used to simultaneously control the LED screen and ensure the display of images and videos is continuous and uninterrupted. If one computer shuts down due to technical problems, the second computer will become an automatic backup solution.

2. All-Weather Protective Design
These stadium LED display has an IP65 protection class and its cabinet can offer both ventilation and protection against rain and other moisture.

3. High Refresh Rate
With a high refresh rate, the advertising LED panel can present video images and real-time videos with no screen flickering.

4. High Performance
With the latest in video processing technology, the stadium LED display is guaranteed to have an exceptional image display and excellent video conversion capability. The treatable video signal includes CVBS (composite video), S-Video (S terminal), YCbCr (interlaced component), YPbPr (non-interlaced component), RGBHV (VGA), DVI-D, 2.HDMI, SDI (standard definition and high definition serial digital video) and VOIP (Copper RJ45).

5. Automatic Monitoring System
The LED display uses a PLC as an intelligent control unit, and it is equipped with a monitoring sensor. This means the sports LED display can monitor the external environment and real time control of abnormal conditions. It can also achieve remote control via a combination with a computer.

6. Multifunctional Purposes
The brand new cabinet structure can meet installation requirements for fences, lifting and stacking. As it is easy and convenient to use, the LED display is suitable for a number of different applications in a variety of occasions and meet different user requests.

7. User-Friendly Design
The front and top of the LED screen are made with a soft, plastic material which can protect athletes and minimize injury if athletes accidentally collide with the screen body.

8. Easy Transport
The sports LED display can be packed in flight cases, which not only facilitates the transportation, but also protects the rental control equipment.

9. Dual Backup System
This power supply and the main systems of the LED display have a dual backup system, which means it can automatically or manually switch in case of failure without affecting the normal operation process.

10. Energy Conservation
With a brightness control card, the system if the stadium LED display can automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the external circumstances, which means that this is not only friendly to athletes and audience senses, but it also saves power consumption.

System Connection

Automatic Backup System
Our automatic backup system has one host computer and one backup computer to simultaneously control the LED screen.

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