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Vehicle Mounted LED Display Solution

As an extension for advertising media, vehicle mounted LED displays have become a mobile medium applicable for outdoor bulletins, image advertising, event advertising, mobile stage backgrounds, informational media, commercial promotion, traffic guidance, and promotional activities sponsored by the government, institutions, community groups and schools.

With an increase in customer demands and a higher living standard, mobile media LED display solutions have become more diverse. With effectiveness, flexibility, and other characteristics, our vehicle mounted LED displays have a large array of applications.

1. Not only are these lights easy to assemble and disassemble, but the vehicle mounted LED displays have an ultra-thin design that effectively saves space.
2. With an aluminum alloy cabinet, our LED display screen is light weight, which is great for driving in the city.
3. The design of the channel exhaust can reduce the use of a fan, meanwhile, our vehicle mounted LED display has a high-quality fan which reduces noise and causes no noise pollution.
4. The advertising LED displays have a protection class of IP65, and operate normally, even under rainy weather.
5. Static electricity and electrostatic high voltages that can reach several thousand volts is commonly produced while driving. Despite this, these mobile LED displays are equipped with a unique protection against static electricity that can damage the LED lamp or IC drive.
6. We have designed these vehicle mounted LEDs with a wide voltage range to protect them from the high impulse voltages generated by vehicle starting, stopping and braking.
7. We can tailor appropriate LED display solutions according to customer requirements and the environment the LED display will be placed.

Supporting Products
  • The electric box
  • Industrial PC
  • Flight case
  • Video processor
  • Lifting pipe
  • The stereo
  • Video matrix
  • LED display control software
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